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Can You Dig It?!

We're coming into fall so stay tuned for new things at DeSoto Town & Country. Get ready for cooler temps and falling leaves. We promise this heat won't stick around forever! 


With a rather large selection of seasonings to make every dish fresh and yummy, you'll be sure to find one (or maybe ten) herbs at DeSoto Town & Country that you can't live without. 

Fernleaf Dill / German Thyme / Lemon Thyme / Flat Italian Parsley / English Thyme / Sweet Mint / Spearmint / Italian Oregano / Purple Basil / Thai Basil / Rosemary / Sweet Basil / Lavender / Garden Sage / Greek Oregano / Curled Parsley / Chamomile / Bee Balm


Have you savored a home-grown tomato? Not any home... your home! Imagine taking any of these babies straight from your garden to your dinner table! Start with seeds or choose to take a little head start.

Watermelon / Eggplant / Tomato (several varieties) / Cucumbers / Zucchini / Jalapeño / Bell Pepper / Cantaloupe / Sweet Pepper / Okra / Squash

Garden Plants.

Now that your taste buds have been satisfied with our herbs and vegetables, it's time for some natural beauty in the garden. Let your imagination run wild when you envision these plants lovingly nestled in your yard.

Mixed Hanging Baskets / Geraniums / Dianthus


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